More hints on the Four for One Blind

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Of the four blinds, the first is the easiest, the third is the hardest. 

My expectation was people who got #1 (and several people already have, but no one has gotten any of the others) and then got #2 and #4, and knew those two were from the same family, would then be able to guess #3 much more easily, knowing then that #3 is from the same family as #1. This is why I wanted to tell you that the four blinds are from two families. 

#3 is NOT Kathleen. I have caught her creeping, or to put it simply someone from Cincinnati was creeping on her tag, and someone from Luxembourg was more recently creeping on her tag. She has lived in Cincinnati off and on, and that’s where her parents and siblings are, whereas more recently she and Imre have been living in Luxembourg. I have shared this stuff with other people in the fandom and honestly I don’t consider it particularly noteworthy. Kathleen and her friends have contacted bloggers in the past, and Kathleen seems to keep close track of her online identity. She probably googles herself twice a day. I always knew it was not a matter of if but when she showed up. The person #3 is about is someone who is more famous than Kathleen and someone I would not have expected. 

#4 is my mind the second easiest. I will put it this way; there are VIDEOS easily available online of this going on and it has been discussed in the fandom before. 

#2 has also been widely discussed in the fandom. Now you’ll know, if you get #4 that two is the same family, and that should make it easier. 

Another important hint: #1+3 and #2+4 are from the same families but in both cases the two people involved don’t share any DNA. 

the disappointing hookup was Wills!

Nope. His hookups have all been pretty quiet. 

Ha! Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Yeah them too. Royals are weird. 

Blind #3 archduchess crazypants Blind #4 Prince Charles about Will & Kate?

Wrong on both counts. 

The blind item is Queen Victoria!

Yeah that one’s not even blind it’s just gross…

Vintage Royal Blind Item

This royal woman really wanted to fuck her cousin. Like she was obsessed with him. And she did. Like a bunch of times. 

Royal Blind Item

One of this royal’s hook-ups described the experience thusly….

"Well, he wasn’t much good but it’s not every day you get to sleep with an HRH!"

Four for One Blind Items

I will reveal if/when someone messages me correctly guessing all four. Don’t worry, they’ll be hints along the way once people start guessing. 

1. This royal is trying to start a cult. Well, obviously they don’t consider it a cult, but to us normal folks it would look that way. I have no idea how the rest of the family is reacting, but I would expect they’re just laughing the whole thing off. Expect tension in the future because this person doesn’t respond too well to others mocking their beliefs. 

2. We’ve all heard about the “I Wanna Marry Harry” show, starring a less-than-convincing lookalike, but do you know which royal almost ended up on an American dating show for real? 

Hint: I don’t consider the “Secret Princes” or any of their ilk to be real royals. 

3. So I caught a royal creepin’ on my blog last summer.

I’m pretty sure who it was because…

A) They came on my page from their own tagged page.

B) They live in a relatively small town and I was able to confirm they were in town (or nearby) when I got the hit. 

C) Someone else in the fandom told me they suspected the person was on their blog too. 


-It’s someone of the age range you’d expect to see on Tumblr (not a little kid or someone 30+)

-This person was probably checking their tag on Tumblr after a gifset of them at a birthday event damn near went viral. 

-Not as sassy as Estelle but pretty close. 

4. This royal is pretty damn fed up about getting questions from the press and from people at events about the more famous members of the family. Especially since they do more engagements. It’s gotten so bad that officials from organizations have even told this person to their face they would have rather had a certain younger, prettier royal instead. People also hand them stuff to give to their more famous relatives, which they find especially frustrating as gifts for them are often generic but gifts for the more famous relatives are extremely personal and ornate. 

(Four blinds, two families, if that helps things out and all are reigning houses.)


someone stop me


someone stop me

Public Service Announcement:

Blind items are for entertainment purposes only. These are RUMORS that have gone around; if I had proof they wouldn’t be blind items but normal posts. 

That said there are probably two or three I’ve posted that are “documented” in the sense that they have shown up in reputable biographies or memoirs of people involved. Typically, those are the more mundane ones. The rest come from fandom gossip, forums, mailing lists, old school tabloids, and my super-secret inside source.*

They are all not to be taken as absolute fact, even the documented ones. Even good sources print plenty of bullshit. 

*not a royal or anyone who works for a royal or anyone who has ever met a royal. 

will u ever reveal the royal blind item things???

Some I will, some I won’t. And those I do reveal I only reveal when people guess right. 

Vintage Royal Blind Item

Oh, how the mighty had fallen. 

This one is actually quite sad. This ex-royal of a formerly wealthy dynasty hit on very hard times. First he had to sell his jewels, then family heirlooms.  He did his best to try and take care of family, and ended up working as a chauffeur late in life. His humiliation was truly complete when he ended up having to drive around a royal with a much lower title one weekend. 

Vintage Royal Blind Item

This common-born royal spouse fucked everyone. And I mean everyone. Men, women, young, old, married or single…. This person didn’t care. 

When their long-suffering spouse finally got sick of it and took refuge in a few lovers of their own, they were shocked to find out that not one, but two of their own sexual partners had also hooked up with their estranged spouse. And they were horrified to discover those hook-ups happened during the time period where they’d naively believed they were happily married. 

-This is exactly who you think it is. 

-Seriously, the person you’re thinking of is the person who did this.

-I actually think this has turned up in a few respected biographies. 

-Wouldn’t be surprised if they admitted it either.

-This is like the Nicholas Windsor one. 

-I will tell you if you’re wrong, but not if you’re right because seriously you should all be able to guess this. 

Is it Fergie?

I don’t think she bothered to lie. Also less than thirty years ago. 

Vintage Royal Blind Item

We all know how back in the day royal brides had to be virgins. We also know how back in the day people had as much sex as they do now and simply lied their asses off about it. 

This mystery bride got quite the scare when an ex-boyfriend showed up on her door threatening to tell her royal groom she wasn’t a virgin. 

At first she wasn’t worried because her royal groom already knew she wasn’t a virgin and didn’t particularly care. She also knew that even if he went to the press a story like that would never get printed. She even believed that even if he told the palace officials, because the engagement was already announced she was basically safe from anything more than a few judgmental looks.

But then she found out her ex had gone to her mother-in-law-to-be. Not directly, but rather through the palace grapevine. She denied everything, of course, but was still forced to take a virginity test. 

Apparently she passed with flying colors, either by bribery or because despite popular belief there really isn’t any way to physically prove virginity

The royal wedding went ahead and the bride and groom lived happily ever after. As for the angry ex-boyfriend? Palace security were given his name and photo along with strict orders he never be allowed to bother any member of the royal family, or their staff, again. 


-Not Diana.

-No one from Scandinavia. 

-Vintage means at least thirty years ago.