2014.09.25: Princess Charlene attended the World Focus on Autism event in New York

And now I have a reason to dislike her. 

Like I always kind of knew I didn’t like her but I didn’t really have a good reason why… 

I really doubt that's the actual author. I don't think he would pay attention to a tumblr blog. And if it was him, I'm sure he would make absolutely sure u knew it was him as opposed to sending you an anonymous message and throw his name in it.

Well, you have to realize, most of these “royal biographers” aren’t important, famous, or wealthy people. They’re just normal folks who probably have google alerts on their names and the titles of their books. People on Tumblr have been legitimately contacted by such people before, so I have no reason to doubt it on that account. 

That being said, I have had my share of trolls so the reason I question his identity is because I know there’s at least one troll who lurks here and likes to send me odd anon messages. 

Can't even come off anon I am laughin at this guy. Lord have mercy. Girl you keep doing what you doin. The blingee was the icing.

Thanks! ;)

This dude is just…. I can’t, I really can’t. I’d like to see him try and call a lawyer to sue me. 

There’s a good chance it’s just my old troll buddy from New Jersey and not the actual author anyway. 

One of the most important concepts in defamation law is that statements of fact can be defamatory (“you got drunk and ran over my polecat on your Segway!”), but satire (“this is a Downfall video about you”) and pure opinion (“you’re an asshole”) and “rhetorical hyperbole” (“you’re the worst dad ever!”) cannot.

Ken White, So You’ve Been Threatened With A Defamation Suit 

My name is Christopher Wilson. I am the author of Dancing With The Devil: The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue, which is mentioned on this website. Your readers may of course express their opinion about my books, but they may not make unsubstantiated claims about my professional competence without either proving what they say or incurring the charge of libel. I have a career lasting 40 years and have won several awards. I will say no more at this stage but suggest you take this post down.

No idea what post you’re talking about. Honestly I’ve never gone after Christopher Wilson much or written much about that book that I can remember. I’m not particularly sure you are who you say you are, and I really don’t care. You can’t sue me. I’m guessing you’re from the UK where people like to use libel suits to bully other people, but I’m in America, as are Tumblr’s servers. 

I know the law. I haven’t done anything wrong, and I’ll be taking down nothing. 


The Grand Hotel Imperial also features a Royal Corner, right next to its Internet Corner. This glassed-in enclave charts the lunchtime stopover, on August 11, 1936, by the hotel’s most famous visitors: King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. Photos portray dapper off-duty royals, him in a baggy cream suit with white loafers, her in trousers and big sunglasses. After lunch, Wallis and Edward took a taxi boat from their 300-foot yacht, the Nahlin, to Kvarner Beach and skinny-dipped. News of this royal daring spread faster than a TMZ blog post. Croatian naturism, hitherto confined to a few naked Germans, was exposed to the world.
Tristan Rutherford, The Atlantic- "Where Nudism Took Off"  (via kingedwardviii)

I still STRONGLY insist the whole thing was perfectly innocent and all Wallis ever did with Jimmy Donahue was a massive amount of cocaine. 

Prince Charles on 2nd grandchild: “I hope it will be a girl this time” via @itvnews #royalbaby http://t.co/7M26OZPuyG http://t.co/bxoBfyrWZM

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Oh my gosh Charles will be so ecstatic if it is!!!

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But legit guys if Cambridge Fetus is a boy everyone will be so disappointed and I don’t want that. Let’s just all hope the baby is happy and both mom and baby get through the birth okay!

Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus inspecting some bats (august 2014)

Wow, Sverre looks a lot like Marius did at the same age!

Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus inspecting some bats (august 2014)

Wow, Sverre looks a lot like Marius did at the same age!

Hi what are your thoughts on Wallis Simpson

Fabulous gal, she knew how to dress and how to cause drama. 

My inspiration!!! 

And totally NOT a Nazi. 

Do you like Queen Victoria?


Favourite Queen past from Victoria and beyond

From Victoria and beyond? So you mean since Victoria? 

Queen Elizabeth II. 

If you mean before Victoria, Elizabeth I. 

Do you think Princess Grace of Monaco was happy in her marraige?

I wouldn’t speak for her, but generally in any marriage there are moments of happiness and some of unhappiness. 

I have heard there were a lot of problems with mistrust in Grace and Rainier’s marriage and I wouldn’t say it was anything to aspire to. But as with any royal marriage, the problems they faced have been extremely exaggerated by certain tabloid biographers. 

If you have more specific questions I would definitely ask Paige from PogglePoppy who is more of an expert on Princess Grace. 


Are there any good Queen Mary biographies? Or just any? I tried looking around, but all that comes up are ones on Queen Mary of Scotland.

My personal favorite is Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor by Anne Edwards. It has a few stupid errors here and there but is a pretty thorough account of her life and family.